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21 November 2014

A typical rainy day in London and obviously I made a great footwear choice (currently using baby wipes to clean them). It was that annoying spitting/makes your hair frizzy rain. Luckily my friend brought her massive umbrella that I thought looked really good in the photos. As you can see I couldn't keep a straight face when she was taking the photos! We spent the day in Chelsea, had a healthy lunch at The Good Life Eatery (amazing food), had our haircut and messed about in the Harrods Christmas department.

I love dark outfits like this with a pop of white to make the trainers stand out more. Someone needs to stop me from wearing these trainers everyday - seriously.

S x

p.s Starbucks red cups means Christmas is hereeee!

Coat - Here
Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Trainers - Zara 

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