Leather & Khaki

19 February 2015

My love for khaki has grown and I think It's making another comeback this season so look out for camo jackets and khaki everything! I saw this jacket in Topshop the other day and didn't think much of it when it was open but loved it as a wrap top instead! I love the D-ring detail on the belt (watch out for D-rings this year too) and the pocket detail. It's a gorgeous piece to have and khaki pretty much goes with everything so its easy to wear too. I haven't worn my leather pants in a while I think I forgot I had them but it's a good alternative to black jeans and makes it look a little more sophisticated. My hair is even tied back for once, I'm getting bored of the everyday waves I think I need a new hair style!

S xx

Jacket - Topshop (not online yet)
Leather pants - Joseph
Shoes - Wallis
Clutch - Accessorize

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