What To Wear This Summer

9 July 2015

Summer can be quite challenging to shop for, personally for me its the hardest, you'd think it would be easy with all the pretty tops, cute shorts and lace up sandals. The unpredictable weather here in the UK also means that you never know what to wear and constantly having to check the weather app to see if its going to rain.

Another reason is body confidence issues. As much as I would love to walk around in crochet dresses and denim shorts, I just feel so body conscious. It's not that I care about other people looking at me and judging me, it's just about feeling good when I see my reflection in the shop window instead of "Oh my god my thighs look huge". The thigh chafing doesn't help either! It's a personal issue which a lot of girls have (thanks to the media) and it can take years to finally be confident and happy in yourself. I always say that if you wear something with confidence and if you look comfortable, it can make anything look good. 
This probably explains why I love A/W clothes so much more!

Back to this post, hopefully it gives you some inspiration on what to wear this Summer. I love that you can mix and match all the pieces to create so many casual outfits. I think thats the key word for Summer - 'casual' the kind of look you would wear on holiday, to a music festival or to meet your girls for a picnic in the park. Most importantly, a look you feel good in.

S x 

Tops - Shirt (Zara) Jacket + Khaki Tank (Sincerely Jules) Blouse (H&M)
Bottoms - Denim Shorts (Sincerely Jules) Khaki Shorts + Crochet Shorts (Topshop) Skirt (Mango)
Accessories - Chloe Drew Bag, Dior Reflective Sunglasses, Topshop Hat
Shoes - Mango espadrilles, Schutz Sandals, Jessica Buurman Wedges, Mango Lace Up Sandals

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