The Artist Residence Hotel Brighton

5 November 2015

I spent my 24th birthday weekend in Brighton in attempt to escape London for a couple of days and decided to stay at The Artist Residence Hotel. I hadn't heard much about it before but loved the concept and history of the Hotel. Every room is different, the 'Arty' rooms have all been individually designed by different artists - which is where they got their name from!

We stayed in the Tiny Cosy Room which was indeed both Tiny and Cosy. I guess we're so used to staying in Airbnb apartments that Hotel rooms can seem quite small! Our room had a comfortable double bed, wooden beams, an armchair and a Roberts radio that we left on most of the time! Even though the room is pretty small, it still has everything you need. There was a full length mirror behind the door, a coat rack, hairdryer and tea and coffee bits on a table. The bathroom was all white and clean. My favourite feature was probably the Edison style lights on either side of the bed - so Shoreditch!

Downstairs by the reception was the Cafe and the cocktail bar, a board games room and a ping pong room. We obviously played a bit of ping pong and things got quite competitive (Monica from Friends style). After spending the day shopping in town and feeling like a little girl carrying 24 balloons, we came back and ordered pizza from Pizzaface. FYI, it was the nicest pizza I've had since Rome. We then took a late night stroll to the beach, as the Hotel is just a 10 minute walk to the pier.

The next morning we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast downstairs at the gorgeous cafe. There was a choice of cereals and pastries along with a menu of cooked breakfasts. I had eggs florentine with a croissant (obviously) and we got some pancakes to share on the side too.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Brighton for a couple of days, it's in the perfect location and it's a bit more unique and quirky than your average hotel. I would suggest looking at the pictures of all the rooms on their website before booking. I definitely would have loved to have seen the Bigger Cosy room with the copper bath tub!

S x

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