5 February 2017

I often get asked about my haircare routine and what I use to style my hair so I wanted to share the products I've been using that have totally changed my hair game.

I'm a big fan of using oils in my hair so I knew I had to try this product out. I started using it in December and have already noticed a big difference. As the ends of my hair have been bleached they tend to be a lot drier and brittle than the rest of my hair. I use a couple drops of Gisou on the mid length to ends of my towel-dried hair and let it air dry naturally. It dries silky smooth with little to no frizz, and it looks as if I've blow dried my hair! Once I've styled my hair with a curling iron I'll add a couple more drops to the ends for extra shine. I love how weightless the formula is and it smells amazing too! I honestly have to stop myself from touching my hair so much as it's so soft! 

Honey, being the main ingredient straight from the Mirsalehi family bee garden, contains several amino acids, minerals and vitamins to help repair damaged hair and stimulate growth. It's fast become my essential hair product, I've used it almost everyday and there's still so much left in the bottle. The packaging aesthetic is beautiful; a glass bottle with gold detail presented in a pink floral box with a mini book that goes into more detail about the family bee garden and the inspiration behind the product. If all of that hasn't sold you already, the oil is created by Negin Mirsalehi - the ultimate hair goddess. They have also released a propolis heat protection spray that I definitely need to get my hands on! 

My hair may look thick as there's a lot of it but it is actually quite fine, meaning it doesn't last longer than 2 days before it's time to wash it again. Let's be honest, no one has time for that. I needed a dry shampoo that would be give me that extra day of clean looking and feeling hair. I finally tried the OUAI dry shampoo after years of using drugstore types and immediately fell in love. It leaves your hair feeling as though you've just washed it and with no grey/white powdery residue. It doesn't feel heavy or chalky at all. I also love using it before styling my hair to add volume and texture to my roots. It's honestly the best dry shampoo I've used yet. It's paraben free and leaves a subtle fresh scent to your locks. Perfect for using on sweaty hair after a workout too! The brand OUAI is created by Jen Atkin, the hair genius so you know you can't go wrong! I can't wait to try the new dry shampoo foam they've just released. 

OUAI Wave Spray

As most of you will know, I love curling and waving my hair. Some days I like really curly hair and some days I'm in the mood for a relaxed tousled wave. I spritz the wave spray in my styled hair from the mid length down and scrunch it to create messier texture. It doesn't leave your hair sticky or crunchy - it doesn't even feel like you have any product in your hair but it does definitely add volume and a fresh summery scent. Sometimes I even use it as a hair perfume for the times where my hair has soaked up a nasty food smell - we've all been there. If your hair is naturally wavy, use the Gisou oil on damp hair for it to dry silky smooth and add the wave spray for that 'just walked out of the ocean' beachy hair texture. I can't wait to use this on holiday! 

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