21 May 2017

Hey guyssss. So before I had my office space I was working in so many different cafes/hotels and I wanted to share some of my favourite places with you. Sometimes working from home just doesn't cut it. I find that I get so inspired when I go outside and work at a nice place. If you don't work from home- these are still some cool places to check out in London! Oh btw they're all in East London for some reason? Not sure how that happened... 


My favourite Grind has to be the Clerkenwell Grind. The decor is everything. They do great coffee, juices and brunch. I just like the vibe here, they're always playing loud music that isn't too distracting. The only downside is that there are no plug sockets so go with a full charge! 


I feel like everyone in East London comes here to work. It's always packed so get there early to get a good sofa seat by the fireplace! It kind of feels like an office cos everyone else there is either working or having meetings. They have a cute lounge space at the back which is nice if you're going with other people.


If Hoxton Hotel is full just cross the street to Attendant. A trendy little cafe full of plants and both avocado toast and Nutella toast on the menu. Perfect. 


I discovered this place randomly when I was in the area. The shop sign says 'Make friends with food' so I was like OK, saw the cakes in the window and dived right in. They have USB/plug sockets above every seat which is so handy and I think every place needs to jump on this. Everything is healthy and refined sugar-free. The chocolate brownies are life-changing. Seriously. They're so good I had an Uber pick some up to take to a friends house. The decor is super cute - it's the perfect place for a laptop date.


Probably the most hyped place on Instagram RN but with good reason. If you're veggie/healthy/vegan/pink obsessed and you haven't been here yet - you're missing out! They have always have amazing cakes, smoothies and brunch. Also, the decor is cool af. 

If you guys know of any cool places let me know! 

S x

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