I’m Seyda and I’m a freelancer in content creation and digital marketing, working with small female-owned businesses, from beauty/lifestyle brands to independent makers and coaches. My studio and workspace is based in London.

my story

My love for taking pictures began when I started a blog in 2014 (back when blogging wasn’t as cool) and I would take pictures of my travels and the products I was using. I tried a few different styles of photography but felt that my niche was styling creative studio set-ups, so I trained in studio photography and built a portfolio from there. From blogging to setting up my own business (@theworkclub), I learnt how to use digital marketing to build a brand and gain clients.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself so it felt natural to create a business where I would create content as well as helping to manage other businesses social media and marketing.

I’m so passionate about working with female-owned businesses and helping them to create content as well as helping them to take control their social media and marketing.

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